Dogs are always welcome! - Desenzano Lake Village

Dogs are always welcome!

Welcome to our “Dog Friendly” Lake Village in Desenzano

The Desenzano Lake Village is among the few villages on Lake Garda that accept dogs, both in the village and on the private beach on the lake: it will be even nicer and easier for you to enjoy the company of your dog during your holiday. Your furry friends are always welcome in our Lake Village! Plenty of space for long walks with your faithful friend!

At Desenzano Lake Village, you can walk and enjoy the company of your faithful four-legged friend in all the green areas of the campsite, and not just there! Here are all the services for your furry companion:

  • Dog beach: dogs are allowed on the beach, but not to swim. For dogs to enter the water, it is necessary to follow the rules of the bathing ordinance of the municipality where our facility is located
  • Possibility of bringing your dog to the restaurant’s outdoor veranda to enjoy its company while you eat your favourite dish
  • Large play area with certified wooden toys inside the Desenzano Lake Village for safe fun
  • Dedicated dog showers with tub and hairdryer, to freshen up after a day at the beach
  • Specific products for your friend’s hygiene and nutrition available for sale at the campsite market

Request for availability or a quote now, and we will reply based on your request. And don’t forget our few, very simple rules for spending your holiday with your dog with complete peace of mind:

  • Animals are allowed in certain types of bungalows and accommodations upon reservation. For Club Del Sole, the well-being of the dog is an indispensable pillar of DOG FRIENDLY hospitality, and welfare parameters are based on a high standard. Therefore, the possibility of accommodating the dog is assessed on the basis of dog size, breed and the number of dogs present in the village at that time. Contact us for more information
  • The presence of pets must be indicated compulsorily at the time of booking. Maximum two pets per property allowed. A certificate of vaccination and insurance must be presented at check-in.
  • Access of pets to the public beach is prohibited, except in specially designated areas (as per municipal regulations)
  • Pets must be kept on a leash and, if necessary, muzzled.
  • Owners are obliged to pick up the physiological needs of their pets with the appropriate scoop and ensure that they do not disturb other guests in the village
  • Any damage caused by pets to third parties and the village facilities is the full responsibility of the owner.
  • Show your dog’s health booklet on request
  • Do not leave the pet unattended
  • Ensure that your dog does not disturb the peace and quiet of other customers.
  • It is forbidden to bring animals into the playground, the pool area, inside the toilets, and inside the restaurant and the Supermarket/Bazar

Please note that the presence of dogs must be indicated at the time of booking. An up-to-date vaccination booklet and insurance are required to enter the village. Dogs reported in the regional register as biting dogs are not allowed.